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Shimla Travel Guide : Vacations Are Good for You

by Vivek Singh
Shimla Travel Guide


STD code: 0177 Presently the capita of Himachal Pradesh and the renowned hill city with its British legacy still present in the architecture design, once upon a time was the summer capital of in the British period. This city was referred as the ‘Queen of Hills’ by the British officials. This city is particularly known for the city buildings built in Gothic style. This city in fact was named after the goddess shyamla Devi another incarnation of Kali. Quick Information State: Himachal Pradesh Famous for/as: Hill Station Languages: Hindi Best Season: Throughout the year Climate: Subtropical highland climate TemperatureSummer 14-20°C, Winter -7-10°C, Altitude: 2205 meters Pin code: 171001 Shimla is conveniently connected by road and rail. The National Highway 22 (NH 22) connects Shimla to the nearest big city of Chandigarh. Shimla is connected by road to all the major towns. Distance between the Major Towns and Shimla:-
  • Kalka – 80 km
  • Chandigarh – 119 km
  • Ambala- 152 km
  • Patiala – 172 km
  • Amritsar- 342 km
  • Delhi – 348 km
  • Jammu – 482 km
  • Agra – 568 km
  • Jaipur- 629 km
  • Srinagar – 787 km
  • Kolkata – 1460 km


Shimla, along with Almora Kumaon, Garhwal, Sirmaur, Dehradun, and Kangra, was invaded and conquered by Prithvi Narayan Shah of Nepal. Shortly later, the British East India Company with local kings went to war with Nepal from 1814 to 1816. At the end of the war, as a result of the Sugauli Treaty, the captured parts of North India were handed over to the British East India Company. At that time, Shimla was known for its various religious attractions also. Soon after gaining control of Shimla, the British began to develop the area. The Scottish civil servant Charles Pratt Kennedy made the initial British summer home in the town in 1822. Lord Amherst, the Governor-General of Bengal from 1823 to 1828, positioned a summer camp here in 1827 and within ten years it became gradually populated.  British soldiers, merchants, and civil servants took some sort of respite here each year to escape from the excessive heat during summer in the Indo-Gangetic plain. The presence of many unattached men, during that British period, gave Simla a name for adultery.


Shimla is located in the north-western ranges of the Himalayas. At an average altitude of 2397.59 meters (7866.10 ft) above average sea level, the city is spread on an edge and its seven spurs. The city stretches nearly 9.2 km from east to west. The uppermost point in Shimla, at 2454 meters (8051 ft), is the Jakhoo hill. Shimla is a Zone IV (High Damage Risk Zone) per the Earthquake hazard zoning of India.


largely based on tourism and government employment apart from income from horticulture. It is renowned for health care and the city homes one medical college and four major hospitals.


1042161(2001 census), the city spread over 19.55 square kilometers and the sex ratio is low as usual.

The people

The inhabitants are unofficially referred to as Shimalites, the summer festival every year is held at the peak time with much gaiety, where singers from all over the country perform.


Shimla was invaded and conquered by Prithvi Narayan Sah of Nepal and between 1814-1816 the British forced accompanied by the local king went to war with the Nepali ruler at the end of the war according to the Sugauli treaty the British India Company took over the area. Lord Amherst then Governor-General of Bengal made this city a summer resort in 1827. Gradually it was urbanized.

How to reach Shimla

Shimla By Air Shimla’s Jubbarhatti Airport is nearly 25 km away from the heart of the city. Taxi is comfortably available from the airport to City and fare is around INR 450/- The airport is connected to Delhi airport by regular flights. Delhi airport is connected to all major cities in India and many cities abroad. The distance of Shimla to Delhi is about 357 km. A/C taxi services are accessible from Delhi to Shimla, costing about INR 7,500/- Shimla By Train Shimla has a meter gauge railway station. It connects to the nearest broad gauge station at Kalka, which is at a distance of 96 km from Shimla. Taxi services are available from Kalka to Shimla and the charge is about INR 1750/- Shimla By Bus HPRTC Himachal Pradesh buses offer bus connectivity from all cities in Himachal Pradesh to Shimla. Frequent and convenient bus services are available from Delhi to Shimla. Deluxe buses charge about INR 1,300/- from Delhi to Shimla.

Places of interest

Mall: It is in fact the heart of the hill station and the main shopping hub, and it homes numerous restaurants, clubs, bars, shopping malls, and a popular cinema house is located nearby. Jhakoo Hill: It is the highest hill at a height of 8000 feet and offers the spectacular scenic beauty that makes it sought after by tourists. A temple of Lord Hanuman at the top and the nearby monkeys are also are quite amusing. The 108 feet statue of Lord Hanuman is another attraction. Christ Church: This oldest church in Northern India has a definite regal look and the glassed windows inside are very attractive. Summer Hill: On the Shimla –Kalka route it is like a satellite township and it’s significant to note that Mahatma Gandhi used to spend time in the serene area and presently the Himachal Pradesh University is located here. Temple of Tara Devi: It is located just 11 kilometers away from the Shimla bus stand and a temple is dedicated to the goddess and there is a military dairy Town nearby. Annandale: It is the popular sports spot of Shimla at a height of 6117 feet and it’s a  great picnic spot too. Anand Vilas: A temple been constructed by a spiritual group who worship Mother Nature and throughout the year numerous devotees visit the place. There is a different type of school referred to as ‘Art is Value, in the region and it’s free. Junga:  It is located 26 kilometers from Shimla and it is the old royal hill resort of the princely state of Junga. Kufri: It is located at height of 8600 feet and 16 kilometers away from Shimla and it is in fact the neighboring winter sports spot and it homes a small zoo also. Chail: It was the summer capital of Maharaja of Patiala before Indian independence and it was renowned for the cricket pitch at the maximum height. Nildehra: it is just 22 kilometers and quite renowned for the nine-hole golf course. Tatapani: This place is known for the hot springs which have therapeutic effects and the spring is located near the Tatapani temple. Annandale: Situated at a distance of 2 kilometers from the heart of the city, Annandale is an attractive picnic spot that is a major tourist attraction. Glenn: It is a thickly wooded forest, and also a famous picnic spot that is located around 4 kilometers from the center of Shimla. The thick wrap of the deodar trees makes this place a calm and tranquil locale. Prospect Hill It is situated at a height of 2155 meters, the Prospect hill is a great place to visit and unwind in the natural surroundings. It is also famous for a hilltop temple dedicated to Kamna Devi. State Museum & Library The Shimla State Museum and Library is a renowned tourist attraction that is located at a distance of around 2.5 kilometers from the center of Shimla. The museum is renowned for its collection of ancient sculptures, paintings, coins, and photographs. The museum has samples of the eminent Pahari miniature art form, which ceased to exist when the Western art form took over. Viceregal Lodge This sparkling building served as the residence of the Viceroy, Lord Dufferin. It was completed by the year 1888 and it is still healthily maintained. This Lodge has now been altered into the famous Institute of Advanced Studies and the six-story building still stands in its entire splendor. Local transport: Frequent city bus services are available from the circular road and the city taxis ply for the town trips. Due to the steep slopes, the most common local transport in India that is auto-rickshaw is absent here.


The Oberoi Cecil, Shimla Over 100 years old, The Oberoi Cecil is a Grand Heritage Hotel. It is located at Chaura Maidan, Shimla, 7000 feet up in the Himalayas. Hotel Honeymoon Inn Situated in the superb hillsides of Shimla, the hotel is shaped to match the mood of its beautiful romantic environs. The hotel is located just a 10-minute walk from the ‘Lift’, the center point of the Mall. Room tariff INR 4975/- Hotel Sukhsagar Hotel Sukh Sagar is a perfect place for genuine nature lovers amidst deodar and kail trees away from the discomfort of the crowd and is just 21 kms from the airport and 1kms from the station. Room Tariff INR 1350/- Hotel Sangeet is in an aristocratic locality in Shimla and is characterized by the charming view of Himalayan forests and hills. This hotel is just 1 km from the railway station and 25 km from the airport. The room tariff starts from Rs.950/- Bridgeview Regency Overlooking the hills and the valley are 128 spacious rooms that are maintained with 24 hours room service. Guests can try the delicious cuisine at the Jhelum Restaurant for some multi-cuisine fare. Room tariff starts from INR 2487/- Radisson Hotel Shimla The Radisson Shimla Hotel is located at the foot of the northwest Himalayas, set amidst beautiful cedar forests it has 59 rooms and is located in Lakka bazaar 26 kms away. Hotel Woodpar Hotel Woodpark offers a delightful and unforgettable holiday escape to one of the most popular hill stations of India known as Shimla offering excellent views of Badrinath, Kedarnath, Pirpanjal, and Shiwalik Ranges, where you are face to face with supreme natural beauty and refreshing weather. Hotel Shivam A deluxe hotel in Shimla, Hotel Shubham is small, stylish, and personal in style. Be it a family longing for a holiday or a Honeymoon couple, or a Student Group, Hotel Shubham becomes the final choice for everyone. Room tariff INR 3400/- Shilon Resort, Shimla Shilton Resort is a four-star resort in Shimla with all modern amenities, the room tariff is INR 5000/- before any discount Sunrise Villa (Department of Tourism, HP Government approved) is located at a very charming location at Shoghi a suburb of Shimla, amidst the lap of nature in a quiet, tranquil and serene environment, naturally blessed with breathtaking views of the distant Chail and snow-clad Himalayan ranges.

Fairs and Festivals in Shimla

Ice Skating Carnival Shimla Shimla is India’s favorite winter destination and what makes it really special is the snowfall that attracts the tourists. Most tourists visit Shimla during the months of December, January, and February to get the real thrill in the lively ice sports like skiing, ice-skating or simple throwing snowballs! Rhyali Festival Shimla It is celebrated during the rainy season in Shimla, as b most people here depend on agriculture to earn their livelihood; the rains are a complete necessity. Rhyali festival is observed to keep the rain god happy. Shimla Summer Festival The best reason to visit Shimla during summers has to be the famous Summer Festival that is held every year in the month of May. This famous festival is a riot of colors and festivity and is celebrated on a grand scale. The Summer Festival in Shimla is a beautiful blend of various talented people of India who make it an event that is quite memorable. Baisakhi One of the most important festivals celebrated in Shimla is Baisakhiand it is celebrated on the first day of the month of Baisakh (mid – April). Baisakhi is called as Bissu or Bisha in Shimla. Bhoj Fair This fair is held in the month of November for three days in Shimla. This fair attracts thousands of people from Shimla who come to pay respect to the presiding deity known as Devta Bansor. Lavi Fair Lavi fair is celebrated as a compliment to the signing of a mutual trade treaty between Tibet and the former Bushahr State. Many cultural shows are prearranged and the major focus is on small-scale trade and business. Lohri Lohri is a festival that is renowned to mark the start of the sowing season. In January every year, the skyline of Shimla lights up by frequent bonfires that are lit all around. Navaratri The festival of Navaratri is observed with much joy and fervor in Shimla. Every year, Dusshera is celebrated at the end of the Navaratri festival and enormous effigies of the demon king Ravana are scorched to mark the triumph of good over evil. Sipi Fair This fair is celebrated in the month of May in Sihpur as an honor to Sip Devta. The fair is very well-liked by the people and thousands crowd the Sipi fair to participate. The fair has been celebrated for a long time and the Rana of Koti used to be the main spectator in the fair.


The Mall Road is the shopping hub in the town of Shimla. Shimla is famous for Handicrafts, Wood and metalwork, Shawls, Pullovers, Woolen caps, Tibetan carpets Pickles, jams, and squashes. The best markets in Shimla include: Lakkar Bazaar Sabji Mandi Ganj Mandi and Ram Bazaar.

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